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Friday, April 12, 2013

Pinspiration Friday #4

Hi Everyone!

It's Friday!  Not only is it the weekend but it is Pinspiration Friday today!

I feel like there was a lot of Pinspiration this week and I really enjoyed looking at all of the pins.  However I also have two tests and a group paper this week so it might have just been because I wanted to procrastinate!

Here is my Pinspiration for the week!

I know, there are 4 this week!  I must have really been procrastinating but I think these are great finds!

Picture Collage

I am not one to pin collages mainly because I can't decide how I feel about collages.  But I really like this one over the couch!

There are so many pictures that I would be able to use like engagement photos, wedding photos, and dating photos!

I don't know if I will actually do this, but I like it!

Crafting Table

I love the crafting table!  Unfortunately I don't have space for this large of a crafting table in my house but I have already told Eric that one day I will have a craft room.  He is too clean and when I craft, I don't clean up until it is completely done and that will bother him.  So I want a room with a door that I can close and he doesn't have to go into if it is messy!

Now I want a room with this giant awesome table with lots of storage space!

One day!

Cleaning the Oven Door

I need to do this like yesterday.  I already cleaned the oven but there is a drip down the door and it is really bothering me.

I am honestly so excited to try this out and get the oven door clean.

Looks like I am going to get that oven door squeaky clean just like I want it!

Foam Rug

Eric's Mom has a foam rug and it is really nice to stand on.  This one is so cute because I could personalize it how I want.

It would be great for the kitchen because I have wood floors, maybe with some cute word on it instead of the pattern?

What is your Pinspiration for the week?

Happy Pinning,

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