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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CollageIt Pro

Hi Everyone!

I am constantly looking for different softwares that make my life easier for my blog posts.  I normally use picmonkey.com to create collages for my weekly Pinspiration Fridays (check out the last one here) but I haven't ever been happy with the capabilities.  It is just too plain and limited.

Recently, I came across CollageIt Pro and it is so much better!  I can create collages and it is super easy.  But the best part is that the possibilities are endless!

There are four different types of collages that you can choose from: mosaic, grid, center, and pile!

My personal favorite is pile because it is so different than normal collages.

Once you select your collage type, you just add your photos and it auto fills them for you.  You can move the photos around, change the number of them and add text, extremely easy!  

The best part is that it automatically adjust everything.  When you change the number of pictures you want, it automatically adjusts the layout.  So easy!

Unfortunately I haven't taken many pictures lately except for my blog stuff but check out these collages that I made!  They only took me like 5 mins each and I love both of them!

Create Imagine Dream Crafts

Eric and I

Aren't they so cool?!  I am about to make the one of Eric and I my desktop because it is so cute!

Good luck!

Happy Collaging,

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