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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Liebster Awards

I was just nominated by Chelsea from Get Your Crap Together.  I am so honored and very excited!  Thank you very much Chelsea!

You may be wondering, what is the Liebster award?  The award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here are the rules:
  1. Say Thank  you to your nominator and link back!
  2. Answer 11 questions from the nominator
  3. List 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Present the award to 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers, or who you think deserves to be followed.  Leave a comment so they know it!
  5. Copy and paste the blog award onto your blog to show it off!

Questions for me:
  1. What is your favorite color and why? I love bright colors!  The brighter the better and I cannot choose just one.  (Yes if you ask Eric he would actually get that right)
  2. Who is your "blog"spiration? I have two, Pinterest and my house.  Check out my weekly Pinspiration Fridays (every friday at 11) if you haven't already.  My other inspiration is my house because there is nothing there.  It is a blank slate and I can do whatever I want!
  3. Why do you enjoy blogging? I enjoy sharing my ideas with everyone.  I love crafting but I want to share it with others.  If I made it and love it, there has to be someone else that would love it too!  
  4. What is your dream vacation? Touring Europe!  Especially Italy, Italy is gorgeous (check out my profile pic)!
  5. What color is your toothbrush? Or do you have a character toothbrush?  Orange because it is bright!
  6. How do you keep your blog fresh and new? It's easy, it is new!  But really, if I think of something, why not try it out.  The worst thing that can happen is no one likes it and I change to what I was doing before!
  7. Would you rather be stuck on a desert island or in a blizzard? Desert island.  I hate being cold!
  8. What kind of car do you drive....or do you wish you could drive? Toyota Camry 2003, its my baby.  I don't want another car, even if it was a newer version.
  9. Who is your favorite person in the whole world?  This is a trick question, I have to say Eric (Love you!).
  10. Who is your celebrity crush? (And don't say you don't have one, we all do!)  I have two.  Channing Tatum and Zac Efron.  I will watch any movie as long as either of them are in it!
  11. What advice would you give to someone just starting their blog today? First is patience, spend the first month developing your blog and learn how to join Linky Parties.  Second,  never compare yourself to larger bloggers because they have had a lot more time to develop their blog.

11 facts:
  1. I can't drink coffee but I love the smell of it!
  2. I am graduating with a major in Mathematics and Computer Science
  3. If I could wear a dress every day I would
  4. I hate wearing grey but I love decorating with grey
  5. I love naps and would take one if I could every day
  6. I had skin cancer so I have a scar on the left side of my face (a lot of people don't notice which is a great compliment)
  7. I am the shortest person in my family (Never even grew past my mother).  As my brother would say, thanks MiMi (but he is 14 years old and 5'8" so I don't know why he is complaining)
  8. I played volleyball through high school
  9. I only eat white meat unless it is lathered in BBQ sauce.  Hamburgers are okay but I would rather have a piece of chicken!
  10. My all time favorite movie is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  11. I love Welch's white grape juice

Questions for my nominees:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is your favorite thing to blog about?
  3. What is your favorite color to wear?
  4. What is your favorite food (and if there is a blog post, what is the link)?
  5. What is your goal for your blog?
  6. Who is your blogger crush (you know the one that you constantly check because you want to be just like them)?
  7. What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon?
  8. Heels or Flats?
  9. What is your ideal vacation?
  10. What is your favorite movie?
  11. What advice do you have for a new blogger?

I Nominate:

Congratulations to those that I nominated!  Make sure you check out these lovely blogs!

Happy Blogging,


  1. Alyssa, we are meant to be friends! I hate the cold, I would kill to go to Europe, and I love naps! See, totally friends! Congratulations!

    1. Definitely friends! Thanks again for nominating me!

  2. Thank you Alyssa for the nomination! I received a comment on my blog but I was unable to reply because you are a no-reply commenter. I did a post Are you a No-Reply Blogger? that shows you step by step how to fix.

    Hugs, Smiles & Blessings
    Fluster Buster

    1. I just updated my profile so hopefully that worked! Please let me know if it doesn't and thank you so much for bringing it to my attention, I really appreciate it!

  3. Alyssa,
    Thank you for nominating me for an award! I am so honored and grateful! I apologize for not getting here sooner! I have a rule that I visit blogs when I have the time to read and get to know the writer. Which happens to be late at night in this case, I've been dealing with a sick kiddo!
    For a new blog, you sure are doing well! You seem like such a joyful person, it comes through in your writing! Thanks again!

    1. Amy you are very welcome! I have really enjoyed reading your blog as well and I look forward to your future posts!

  4. Thank you so very very much for the nomination Alyssa! Seriously, I did a little 'happy dance' (yes, my kids made fun of me....then joined in) :) I'm so glad, also, that it lead me to your blog...I feel like we're so similar! Not just in personalities (I would answer the same to many of your answers as well), but also starting our blogs. Most of the blogs I know/socialize with are very large and been doing this so long, it's SOOOO nice to now follow someone who is just like me, starting out and seeing where it goes. Thank you so much, and I look forward to getting to know you more!

    1. You are so welcome, I love your bog and I think you have such great posts! I can't wait to keep in touch and compare with someone that is starting out as well! Definitely keep in touch!

  5. Thanks so much for the super sweet nomination! Your blog is darling--sometime I need to get around to doing a redesign at my place, but life keeps getting in the way now. However, I'm not about to complain about my rowdy little boy, so I will just say that it's good enough for now. I'm enjoying being a new follower of a great blog! You do IronCraft too, don't you? Do you have anything wonderful in the works for the Notions challenge? I'm still in the planning stage, but I need to get on the ball before it's Tuesday and I haven't started yet. :P Thanks again! You're too kind!

    1. You are welcome! Thank you for the compliment on my blog, I actually want to redesign it too. I am so busy too so I understand not having time to redo it.

      I have never heard of IronCraft and Notions challenge. What are they?! please share links, I would love to join!!