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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pinspiration Friday {10}

Happy Friday!

That means it is time for Pinspiration Friday!  We have finally reached double digets for how many times I have had this!  Crazy to think I have been doing this for 2.5 months!!

This week's Pinspiration is a little different because they aren't really crafts that I want to make.  Instead, it is Pinterest ideas that I thought were cool.


They just look so cute and easy!!  Hasn't there ever been a time when you really wanted a bow for a present but you just don't have one?

Well now you never have to fret.  You can just make one out of paper or even scrapbook paper!

I can see someone getting very creative with these bows.

Nightstand Charging Station

This is a great idea!  I know Eric and I have a lot of things to charge and this is brilliant.  However, I can't decide if it is worth using up valuable drawer space.

As far as I am concerned, that is the only drawer in the house that will be only mine without Eric being able to complain about it.

So yes, I plan on my nightstand drawer being a catch-all place.  Sort of like a child's under the bed space or in the closet.

Chevron How-To

All I can say about this is, this is awesome!!!  Simplest one I have seen yet!

What is your Pinspiration this week?

Happy Pinning,


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