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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinspiration Friday

Hi Everyone!

I want to introduce something new that I will be doing.  I am calling it Pinspiration Friday!

Pintrest Inspiration

Every friday, I will post my inspiration from Pinterest for the week!  I'll show you what has inspired me and you can pin them as well.  Also, I want you to share with me what your Pinspiration is for the week!

Note:  If you want to pin something, click on the picture and you will be sent to the actual pin so you can repin.

Check out what has inspired me this week!

Place Cards

I was looking for place cards for the wedding that are DIY but not extremely complicated.  I do not want to spend days making place cards for the wedding!  I also wanted to do something different then the craft store pre-made ones just because I want to.

These are perfect because all I have to do is print and fold!

Eric is going to make me a template on photoshop (I promise to share with you when we do it) that will be our damask pattern and then we will differentiate the meals by the outline of the shape.  Can't wait to make these!

Bedroom Wall

I don't know if you know this but Eric and I can't agree on anything for decorating the house.  Nothing!  I love bright colors, fun and cheery, and he likes bachelor pad colors, dark and depressing.  I like fun patterns and he likes either stripes or solids.

The only color we can both somewhat agree on is red and we have not come to a compromise on patterns yet.

As a result, after looking at many different bedspreads, we decided to go with red.  I know, real unique.  Then we decided on black furniture (no we haven't picked it out yet).

I could not decide what color to paint the walls and when I saw this, I knew this was the color!

& Pillow

I love decorative pillows on a bed, I think it makes it feel more cozy but also put together.  Over spring break I wanted to make a Mr and a Mrs pillow like this but the supplies were too expensive.

I am determined now to make Mr & Mrs pillows for our bed!  Can't wait for this project!!

What is your Pinspiration this week?

Happy Pinning,


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