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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pinspiration Friday #2

Hi Everyone!  I hope you have had a great week.

Are you ready for another Pinspiration Friday?  I know I am!

So I am kind of cheating this week because I didn't find them on Pinterest but I found them by searching through other people's blogs and then I put them on Pinterest.

So Eric and I have been casually looking at furniture in our spare time to see what we like.  Eric really liked a kitchen table at one store and then he put his hand on it and I thought it was going to collapse!  No we were not at a thrift store but an actual furniture store!

Needless to say we are both a little scared from our experiences.  Eric really wants to build stuff (like wood projects) so he called me up all excited that he wants to build our bed and kitchen table so he knows it will be good quality.

Don't get me wrong, I was a little hesitant to say yes but he puts up with all my crafting stuff so I guess I can trust him to build our furniture.  

Here is my Pinspiration this week!

Note: If you want to pin something, click on the picture and you will be sent to the actual pin so you can repin.  The links to the how-tos are associated with the pins.


I'm not a big fan of the distress look (I think that is what it is called) but otherwise it is super cute!  Especially with the pillows from last weeks Pinspiration Friday!

Eric said he wants to build this, I am scared for him but Ana White has great tutorials on her site so I think he will be fine.

This is such a cute bed though and it will be even better because Eric will have made it!  I can see our bedroom coming together!


I searched high and low for directions on how to make a kitchen table that I liked and I finally found one from HGTV.  

I think it is adorable, it might be a little too big, but Eric can shrink down the size because that is the best part about DIY.

Hopefully it is strong enough for Eric to not only put his hand on but also eat off of!

Entry Table/Nightstand

This table is actually suppose to be for an entry way but I think if it was half the size, it would be a great nightstand!

I am determined to find plans for how to make this one because the user didn't post them.

Oh and this would be black...of course!

I think Eric has a lot of work to do but it'll keep him busy and he will have fun with it.  Maybe some bonding time with his dad!

What is your Pinspiration this week?

Have a great Easter!

Happy Pinning,


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